GPSFunRunner 3D

GPSFunRunner 3D is a third party application which allows the comparison of two separate .tcx files within 3Dimensions

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GPSFunRunner 3D Interfaces

The initial interface menu allows you to view what two files will be imported into the GPSRunner 3D application for comparison in 3Dimensions.

The main program shows the training data in 3Dimensions with the height of the pillars on the route being representative of the speed at the recorded time.

Garmin Comparison Graph

Initial Interface

The Demonstration version is provided with two .tcx files which can be imported using the Import button from the GPSRunner 3D menu. You can also import your own tcx files.

Garmin Comparison Graph

Using your own .tcx files

The Demonstration version allows you to import two of your own tcx files. The following image shows two sample files within Windows Explorer.

Garmin Comparison Graph

Latest Blog entry

Autumn 2018

Revised front end released, requiring two .tcx files to be picked prior to importing:

Desktop Version GPSFunRunner3D