GPSFunRunner 3D

GPSFunRunner 3D is a third party application which allows the comparison of two separate .tcx files within 3Dimensions

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This page provides access to a web page allowing comparison of three of your own files using a bespoke HTML5 HTML5 icon application, that runs within a browser. Compiled with the now free (for HTML5) compiler - MonkeyX - Professional HTML5 Compiler, thus allowing for truly cross platform capability.

Garmin Comparison Graph

Clicking upon the 'Compare my tcx files' button will open an interface which contains 3 separate 'Browse' buttons. Using each of these in turn you can upload your tcx file(s)

for comparison via a data replay button. Once you have chosen the three files you wish to import from your PC, phone or tablet - the data from each of the tcx files is imported

for replay within the browser. There are a number of buttons presented within the browser which are (hopefully) self explanatory.

'Bloodsplashes' from each of the data replay Avatars occur when the heart rate for a specific piece of data is exceeded.

GPSFunRunner 2D is a work in progress, additional functionality is being actively included in Feb 2017

Use the following 'Import your Data' button to import 3 of your own tcx files (from PC, phone or tablet) into your web browser.

Note: if you only have two files - pick one of them twice.

The data importer will only start once 3 files have been picked using the three different browse buttons.

Import Your Data »

GPSFunRunner 2D Blog:

News: Feb 2017

The following image shows recent updates in Beta version of the Mobile version.

The latest version of the Mobile version is due for release later in 2017

Mobile Version GPSFunRunner2D

Latest Blog entry

23 Feb 17

Prototype power bars given place holders

Mobile Version GPSFunRunner2D
19 Feb 2017

Red data leading the pack:

Garmin Comparison Graph
18 Feb 2017

Prototype Power bars:

Garmin Comparison Graph
12 Feb 2017

Blue and green altitude into the display:

Garmin Comparison Graph

First Blog Entry

9 Feb 2017

Working in introducing green and blue altitiude info into the display.

Also intend to add a 'height on/off' button - altitude would be more accurate but thats more letters,

The UI is already pretty busy.

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